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At Confidently Yours Electrolysis, our goal is to provide our clients with realistic, professional solutions for the permanent removal of unwanted hair.

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Why Choose Electrolysis?

Electrolysis can give you clear, hair-free skin in all these areas as well as a more attractive hairline and neckline.

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Solutions for All Skin Tones

We offer permanent hair removal solutions for all skin tones and hair colors. Based in Lititz, PA, we are proud to serve Southern PA and clients from all over the country.

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Who We Are
About Confidently Yours Electrolysis

We give our highest attention to the quality, safety, expertise, comfort, and results in the services that we provide.

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The Solution to Unwanted Hair

We use state-of-the-art equipment, along with continually keeping informed as to the latest developments in the field of electrology. We were the first electrolysis office in the United States to offer treatment with the Zeiss Surgical Microscope – the latest innovation in electrolysis.

Because of the extreme precision using the microscope, treatments are more comfortable and treatment time is shortened. In addition, we provide a safe, clean professional environment as well as using sterilized disposable wires and gloves.

  • Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal solution according to the FDA
  • Electrolysis is effective on all hair colors and skin tones
  • Electrolysis is safe to use on sensitive areas of the body
  • There are multiple methods available that can be tailored to your specific needs

Why Choose Confidently Yours Electrolysis?

We are proud of the reputation that we have built up over the years, especially being known for our professionalism. We are always on the cutting edge of the latest technology in the field of permanent hair removal.

However, safe, effective and permanent hair removal is our primary concern and goal. Therefore, we do not offer a service unless it can be proven to be such. Many area physicians refer their patients to us because of these reasons.

Why Permanent Hair Removal?

For many years people have either had to just deal with or endure numerous types of treatment for the removal of unwanted hair. Because hair can grow just about anywhere on our faces and bodies, for many of us, this can be an embarrassing and even stressful problem.

At Confidently Yours Electrolysis our goal is to provide our clients with realistic professional solutions for the removal of unwanted hair. We give our highest attention to the quality, safety, expertise, comfort, and results in the services that we provide.

In today’s world of consumer awareness and health care concern, we want you to feel certain of your decision in choosing “Confidently Yours Electrolysis”.

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Who We Serve

Electrolysis hair removal is ideal for anyone looking to permanently remove unwanted hair. It is safe for all skin tones and will remove any color of hair.

Electrolysis for Women

Unwanted hair can be embarrassing and tough to keep up with. Permanently removing this hair through electrolysis allows you to live your life and get your confidence back.

Business man sitting at a desk while on the phone

Electrolysis for Men

A well-groomed appearance will not only make your social life more enjoyable, but also improve how people view and treat you in business situations.

A group of African Americans smiling and standing together

Electrolysis for Dark Skin

Some hair removal methods do not work on dark skin tones, but electrolysis is safe and effective on all skin tones. If you’ve been denied for other hair removal treatments because of your skin tone, give us a call!

Electrolysis for Teens

As children age into their teenage years, unsightly or unwanted hair can appear, and this can be embarrassing or difficult to manage for a teenager. 

Electrolysis for Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes during menopause or pregnancy can cause unwanted hair growth. Electrolysis is an effective way to remove these hairs for many people who are struggling with unwelcomed hair.

Athletic woman stretching in athletic wear

Electrolysis for Athletes

Hair can cause chafing during sport-related activities and make hygiene more difficult. Removing hair can give athletes a streamlined profile, reduce friction, and make them more confortable.

Electrolysis for PCOS and Hirsutism 

PCOS is a hormonal disorder that can cause excessive hair growth. Hirsutism is the term used to describe the excess hair growth on women’s faces, chests, and abdomens. The unwanted hair from both conditions can be treated with electrolysis.

Based in Lititz, Pennsylvania

Based in Lititz, PA, we are proud to serve the local community in Southern PA and clients from all over the country.

  • Lititz, PA
  • Elizabethtown, PA
  • Reading, PA
  • Lancaster, PA
  • Akron, PA
  • Denver, PA
  • Ephrata, PA
  • Hershey, PA
  • Harrisburg, PA
  • York, PA
  • Hanover, PA
  • Adamstown, PA
  • Quarryville, PA
  • Manheim, PA
  • Carlisle, PA
  • Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Gettysburg, PA
  • Chambersburg, PA
  • Mount Joy, PA
  • New Holland, PA
  • Leola, PA
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Allentown, PA
  • Pottsville, PA
  • Lebanon, PA
  • Paradise, PA
  • Willow Street, PA
  • Millersville, PA

About Us

Meet Lisa Oberholtzer, C.E.

Lisa has been in practice since 1991. She received her certification in electrolysis at Lancaster School of Cosmetology and additional training at the Ohio Institute of Electrolysis. Upon completing her education, Lisa immediately formed “Confidently Yours Electrolysis”. Lisa was the first in the United States to use the Zeiss microscope to perform electrolysis.

Lisa is a certified electrologist. This certification is equivalent to licenses that some states require. In training, some of the areas that she has been educated in are:

  • All the Different Modalities of Electrolysis
  • Structures & Dynamics of Hair & Skin
  • Disinfection and Sterilization
  • Causes of Excessive Hair Growth 
  • Principles of Electricity
  • Neurology and Angelogoy 
  • Dermatology
  • Bacteriology 

Get Your Confidence Back With Electrolysis

Contact us today for a free consultation and get started on the path to a more confident you! Let’s discuss your hair removal needs and create a plan just for your unique skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does electrolysis remove hair?

    An extremely fine wire is used that slides into the natural opening of the hair follicle and treatment is applied. Pre-sterilized disposable wires are used for health precautions.

  • Is electrolysis hair removal permanent?

    Electrolysis hair removal is the only hair removal solution considered to be permanent according to the FDA.

  • Isn't laser hair removal faster than electrolysis?

    Faster for the first pass – yes. Permanent – no. There is still no statistically significant evidence or proof that laser epilation is permanent. In fact, laser epilation is not much better than waxing, no matter what the advertisers say. It can even cause skin discoloring and scarring. The U.S. F.D.A. specifically prohibits laser epilation manufacturers and salons from making claims about permanence. However, that restriction is often ignored. We keep ourselves updated on the latest developments in the laser hair removal field, along with other hair removal modalities. Should we find any to be safe and effective, then we will certainly offer those services at our offices.

  • What method will be used?

    There are three available methods: High Frequency (thermolysis), Galvanic (electrolysis), and Blend (combination of the two). Depending on several factors, any or all of the above may be used. The Blend, however, is the newest and most effective.

  • Is electrolysis painful?

    Whether there is any discomfort during electrolysis is quite variable, depending on a patient’s tolerance and the modality used. During most treatments, a definite sensation will be noticed. It has been variously described as a “slight heat”, “tingling” or “stinging” sensation. There are different prescription and nonprescription topical medications that may be used to numb the treated area. We use a special electrolysis epilator that has several patented features to make the treatments as tolerable and comfortable as possible. We are trained to work within the comfort tolerance of our patients. Please, do not hesitate to let us know what you are feeling during the course of your treatment.

  • What are the benefits of electrolysis hair removal?

    Some of the benefits of electrolysis hair removal include:

    • The ability to target any hair, regardless of its location
    • The ability to remove any type of hair, including fine and coarse hairs
    • The ability to provide permanent hair removal
    • No skin irritation or damage
  • Who is a good candidate for electrolysis hair removal?

    There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best candidate for electrolysis hair removal may vary depending on the individual’s situation. However, generally speaking, a good candidate for electrolysis hair removal is someone who is looking for a long-term solution to unwanted hair growth and who has tried other methods of hair removal without success.

  • How long does electrolysis hair removal take?

    There is no definitive answer to this question as the amount of time required for electrolysis hair removal can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size and location of the treatment area. However, on average, electrolysis treatments typically require between 15 and 30 minutes to complete.

  • Is electrolysis hair removal effective for dark skin?

    Yes, electrolysis hair removal is effective for dark skin. If you have dark skin and are considering electrolysis hair removal, it is important to consult with a qualified professional to discuss your individual risk factors and whether this treatment is right for you.

  • What should I do if I experience any side effects after having an electrolysis hair removal treatment?

    If you experience any side effects after having an electrolysis hair removal treatment, you should consult your physician.

  • Is electrolysis effective on light or blonde hair?

    Yes, electrolysis is effective on any color or texture of hair. So whether it’s coarse white or fine blonde hair, electrolysis can very effectively achieve permanent hair removal results for light-colored hair.

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